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Super Pop!

Pop up the flavour with Super Pop!

Super Fruity


Black Raspberry

Key Lime

Banana Foster

Salted Caramel

Butterscotch Rich

Meet the Super Dips Family

Let Super Dips take the guesswork out of meals. A delicious dish is never far away with Super Dips in your kitchen.

Our Super Rubs Blends

Super Rubs are going to take your dishes to the next level. Think Smokey Maple Chipotle Ribs, perfectly spiced mouth-watering steaks, and sizzling Spicy Chicken.


I love cooking with Super Dips. There are so many awesome mixes, we love Cheesy Bacon for mashed potatoes, Maple Garlic for salmon, and Tzatziki all on it's own. I also love having them to give as gifts!


Super Dips have become the new staple in my pantry. Not only are they easy to make but they are gluten and MSG free, which is a biggie for me as an allergy sufferer. The variety of flavours offer anyone the opportunity to make any meal or snack spectacular!


I love adding the Garlic mix into mashed potatoes, it is so flavourful. Maple Garlic is excellent on salmon and my family loved it, so delicious!